Privacy Policy

June 1, 2014
Fenrir Inc.

1. Basic Policy

Picky-Pics is a website operated by Fenrir Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). When handling in the course of business any personal information provided by you in connection with your use of the site, the Company shall comply with all laws and regulations concerning personal information as well as internal rules established for the protection of personal information, and handle the same with the greatest care.

2. Collection of Personal Information; Purposes of Use

In connection with the operation of Picky-Pics, your personal information such as your email address and access logs will be obtained by the Company.
Personal information so obtained by the Company shall be used for the following purposes:

  • to identify you;
  • to communicate with you concerning the Services; and
  • to detect unauthorized use of the Services.

The Company will not use your personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the abovesaid purposes of use unless your prior consent has been obtained or it is permitted by laws or regulations.

3. Personal Information Provided to or Deposited with Third Parties

The Company will not provide to or deposit with any third party your personal information provided to the Company except in the following events. Even if your consent has been obtained, when disclosing to, depositing with or providing to any third party other than the Company, it will endeavor to take all possible measures to protect your personal information by making arrangements with such third party for the protection of personal information.

  • your prior consent has been obtained;
  • notice to a credit company, collection agency or financial institution necessary for collection of fees;
  • notice to a transportation company necessary for delivery of goods; and
  • notice to a dispatching agency necessary for sending mail etc.

Provided that, the Company may disclose or provide to a third party statistically-collected information in a manner and within a scope which do not permit the identification or specification of individuals.
While text data used by Users in Picky-Pics will be transmitted to a font service company in order to convert such text data to character fonts, such text data will be processed upon transmitting into data not easily decipherable. Therefore, if you input your personal information, it will not be provided to or deposited with a font service company in a condition to allow such personal information to be determinable.

4. Confirmation, Modification or Deletion of Personal Information

You can confirm or modify any personal information you provided to the Company in "Settings" after you login to Picky-Pics. If you desire that your personal information be deleted, please contact the customer center of the Company set forth in the Contact Information below. After confirming that the request is actually from you, the Company will accept your request in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
In the event that the Company additionally obtains personal information upon queries from Users, such personal information may be temporarily stored. After confirming such personal information is no longer necessary upon the completion of services, the Company shall promptly delete the same.

5. Management of Personal Information

The Company's internal personnel collecting, using and providing personal information shall, under the supervision of a person in charge of information management of the Company, comply with the Company's work rules, and properly manage your personal information by taking measures necessary for preventing leakage, loss or destruction of personal information.

6. Use of Cookies

The Company's website contains pages utilizing technology called "Cookies". "Cookies" means small-size data transmitted from a web server to your browser, some of which may be stored in your memory device. The web server can identify your computer by referring to such cookies, whereby you can use the Company's website. In addition, the Company will sometimes use measurement systems of a third-party company for site management and measurement of access situations. Such third-party company may use cookies for the purposes of more efficiently distributing advertising, measuring effects of advertising and measuring access situations. Although you can disable the function of cookies by changing the setting of cookies using the browser's settings, as the result, the services on the webpage in whole or in part may become unusable.

Contact Information

If you have any opinion or inquiry etc. concerning the content of this Privacy Policy or the Company's handling of personal information, please contact the Company's customer center ( The Company will appropriately and expeditiously respond to your complaint about the Company's handling of personal information.

7. Others

For using Picky-Pics, you can login by using your ID/Password and use various services. Once you login, you can access your personal information or purchase materials without inputting your ID/Password until you logout. Accordingly, please pay full attention not to allow other people to use the same.